We just wrapped our first photo shoot for the For Christ Collection, and boy was it a blast! A big thank you to all of my family and friends who allowed me to hijack our Annual Thanksgiving Kickball Game for this photo shoot. You guys were picture perfect, and your love and support means the world to me.


The first collection in our Christian Sportswear Line features the For Christ logo -  a faith-inspired design that put this passion project into motion. For Christ is a simple idea with a powerful purpose. Imagine how much good we can do in the world if we start dedicating our lives to serving Christ more. Most of the themes within our debut line come from common expressions I’ve heard since I was a little girl. We connect these themes with vibrant color combinations to create a variety of designs that we hope will have widespread appeal and inspire people to live more For Christ.



  • Freefolk For Christ
  • Only What We Do For Christ Lasts
  • But For Christ Where Would I Be
  • Made For Christ
  • Rep’n For Christ

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