Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Folk Project is our collective desire to create a fairer world where we can all spend more of our precious time and energy doing the things we love, with the ones we love..
But what is that exactly? What does that look like and how do we achieve it?..

In keeping with the natural world, our project is continually evolving - adapting to the needs and opportunities that present themselves each and every day..

Below we've broken the project down into some of its current components and put together some frequently asked questions - click each question to reveal more. Check back regularly for updates and subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on socials for all the latest Free Folk news 

The Free Folk Veggie Team, ready to anser your questions :)

The Free Folk Philosophy

What is the Free Folk Project?

• A freely, uncensored, decentralised online supported space and website, where we can exchange information, talents, goods, ideas, dreams, support and a lot of laughter.

• A physical supported living place and village where everyone can live close enough to support, grow, learn, exchange, have fun and live a true self‑empowered, self‑sufficient and self‑sustainable life.

Why did we create the Free Folk Project?

What if we could live in a way that is truly self-empowering? In a way where we can take full responsibility of every aspect of our lives? To flourish in an external and internal place where we don’t have to rely on decisions made from big corporations and governmental institutions? In a way that is respectful for our fellow humans, animal and plant life? What if we could start from scratch and grow our own food, build our own houses, generate our own electricity, distribute our own water supply, raise our own children, communicate with mutual respect and support one another with care and empathy, heal our own illnesses, birth our own children, re-green and re-wild our Mother Earth, spread positivity instead of fear, create our own monetary system, exchange goods and skills to distribute fairly and equally, give freely instead of greed, live in abundance and true heart connection?

The Free Folk Project has been created to help us all live the lives we've always dreamed of!

Who is the Free Folk project for?

For anyone that feels a similar passion of true freedom in the heart. For anyone that wants to collaborate, share their skills and knowledge and support one another in living the most healthy, happy and self-empowered way. For people of all ages and all colourful backgrounds.

The Free Folk Project is for people who are yearning for and passionate about this positive exciting future!

The Free Folk Project has planted the seed to grow a new world..

The Free Folk Start-Up Hub

Where is the Free Folk Project based and what is the start‑up hub?

The start-up hub of the Free Folk Project is nestled in a beautiful valley in Andalusia. It is the first piece of land that we already call home, where we are renting a yurt. At this present moment we are gathering funds to buy it and soon we will be calling ourselves its custodians. This land or start-up hub will be a place for connection, where we will invite people to come and visit and co-create, to dream and to get excited for the further expansion of the online and physical supported spaces. It is also there where the first stone will be laid for our homes and supported neighbourhood.

How big is the Free Folk start-up hub? Is there accomodation on the land?

The start-up hub is just under 1 hectare (2.4 acres). It has 2 yurts, a cortijo, a tiny house, a caravan and a bell tent. And it has extra space to put a couple of camper vans and several tents.

What does the Free Folk start-up hub look like?

The start-up hub is a terraced piece of off-grid land, on a cliffside overlooking a waterfall and stream (that is running during the wetter days and months of the year). Next to its beautiful olive trees, the land provides oranges, lemons, pomegranates, grapes, almonds, nísperos, apples, kakis and figs.

There are wild boars, foxes, lots of birds and ibex. The night skies are filled with stars and while it feels very secluded and peaceful, the closest village is only 10 minutes away. On one of the viewpoints we are overlooking a lake, and both the sea and the Sierra Nevada mountains are only a short drive away.

Building the Free Folk village, in full respect of nature, one beautiful home at a time..

The Free Folk Village - a physical supported living place

What is the Free Folk physical community?

It’s a beautiful self-built and self-created living space for likeminded and likehearted people, families, couples and friends who share the same set of values of beautiful self-empowered living. Most of all we will be neighbours, with our own piece of land, home and garden. Everyone is free to participate in or initiate any beautiful creation that serves themselves or others, that is in keeping and in full respect with nature and our fellow humans. It’s incredibly powerful and humbling when we combine or exchange our gifts, qualities, skills, knowledge and goods to co create a positive, self-empowered and exciting future.

What does the Free Folk physical community land look like?

The physical community is nestled in a beautiful valley that is completely off the grid. The valley is mainly farmed for its beautiful big olive trees that provide plenty of shade. Along with the olive trees, we have oranges, lemons, grapes, pomegranates, almonds, avocados, pears, apples, figs, peaches, nisperos, kakis and more. The native wildlife includes wild boars, foxes, birds of prey and ibex.

The valley consists of more than 30 individual pieces of land, currently owned by local farmers. A lot of these farmers are getting older, want to retire and sell their land.

Each unique piece of land has its own qualities. Most of them are terraced and big enough to accomodate a home that suits you and or your family best. Other areas in the valley are more vast and wide, good for keeping horses or other animals if you wish to. A few more pieces are perfect to build communal spaces, a cafe, a swimming pond, a children’s play area or whatever our fellow neighbours are inspired to build or co‑create.

Some pieces of land situated higher in the valley have views overlooking the mountain ranges, other pieces are deeper nestled closer to the barranca and stream, that is has running water during the wetter months.

How big is the valley?

The entire valley is over 100 hectares (250 acres)

How can I become a neighbour in the Free Folk Village?

You can come and visit the valley to decide if this would be a good place for you or your family to live. Walk around the valley and feel which part speaks to you. You would have to start a conversation with the landowners and come to a buying or renting agreement directly with them. Please get in touch, we can help you make connections with our neighbouring farmers and landowners.

Have the pieces of land in the valley got existing housing or accommodation?

There is very little existing housing or accommodation on the wider land of the valley. The exciting part of transforming this valley into a supported village is that each one of us has the opportunity to build and create our own houses the way we wish, in respect with the land, its nature and animal life. There are several options to make this happen.

You could start off living in a house on wheels, rent a house in the nearby town or there may be opportunities to temporarily stay in one of the existing accommodations at our start-up hub, whilst you prepare your own piece of land (depending on availability). We believe that each housing project is an exciting opportunity to join forces, to offer or exchange skills, experiences, helping hands and knowledge. We intend to keep the valley as green and sustainable as possible, so the building of natural or recycled houses are very much encouraged.

We will also be working with volunteers to help with each build - get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

How much land does the Free Folk Project own so far?

At this moment we are in the process of fundraising to acquire our first piece of land. It will act as the start-up hub of the project (see start-up hub questions above). After that, we hope to continue to try and aquire more pieces of land in the valley and start building homes for the Free Folk Village. When we have enough funds, we plan to also buy accommodations in the nearby town to fully support the project be able to offer accomodation options for everyone, particualrly those in need of support.

If you feel you would like to contribute to fundraising for our start-up land, please visit our Giving page. All donations are very gratefully received 

What if I'd like to become a neighbour, but don’t want to build my own house?

We understand that building your own house is not for everyone. There may be opportunities to buy or rent one of the houses we build ourselves, or you could hire people to do the building work for you. You could also rent or buy a house in one of the nearby, beautiful towns and collaborate however you wish with us from there 😊

Can I become a neighbour if I don't have the financial means?

We understand that not everyone is in the financial position to be able to rent or buy a piece of land or build a house. If you still want to physically contribute or become a part of the physical project, give us a shout and let’s see where we can support one another.

Does the land have electricity and water?

There is plenty of opportunity to generate electricity from the abundance that exists in the elements of nature. You’ll have to set up your own energy system; solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

There is also an abundance of water in the local mountains. Nearly every piece of land in the valley has its own water rights, which means that our water comes from a natural source and is redirected with acequias to each piece of land. You’ll become part of an old Moorish system where you’ll get a slot every 2 weeks or so, to open your tap and fill your watertank with water. You would need to get full details from the landowners, to check if there are existing water rights, accessible water tank and how frequently you can use them.

Is there internet access on the land?

We are happy to tell you 😊 there is currently only very limited internet availability or signal to go online or make phone calls in our valley. You are of course able to set up your own internet connection if you wish to.

We are considering creating a designated area for internet access, so you don’t necessarily need to install Wi-Fi at your own living space. Further details will be added here as we explore more options for connecting the Free Folk land to the online world.

How close is the nearest town?

Depending where your piece of land is, the nearest town is more or less a 10 minute drive, or 45 minute walk away.

How accessible is the land?

The land is quite accessible by car or motorhome. Road infrastructure consists of a well maintained paved road and a few dirt tracks.

How green is the valley?

The valley has been farmed for its olive trees for decades. Unfortunately traditional methods of farming have not been kind to the soil. One of our main initial focusses with the Free Folk Project will be the revive, renature and relove the soil. So nature can be restored, water can be held longer in the earth and animal and plant life will thrive. We’ll introduce and keep bees (see the Bee Folk) and apply methods of natural farming and ecological ways of living and building, so our own footprint and impact on the land remain minimal.

Although the soil needs reviving and we can certainly improve its quality, it’s still very fertile for growing our own food.

Will you be engaging with local communities and neighbourhoods?

Yes indeed, we’ll be collaborating closely with local existing communities, towns and organisations, to exchange gifts, skills, goods and knowledge.

Feel free to get in touch if you are local to the area and would love to join forces.

Reviving, renaturing and reloving the land. So nature can be restored, water can be held longer in the earth and animal and plant life will thrive.

The Wee Folk

How about our young children? Will there be a place for them to learn, thrive and play?

Absolutely! We ourselves have three young children. Our beautiful twin daughters are 5 years old and our special boy is approaching the age of 2.

What is the Wee Folk Project?

To support and guide our young children as they grow into the folk they are wanting and choosing to become, there is the Wee Folk project. It’s embedded in and interwoven with the philosophy of the Free Folk Project.

The Wee Folk is a natural and ever-evolving form of child-led learning, unschooling, forest and home-schooling. Whatever fire in our heart is burning and will inspire us to give our children the best possible guided start in life.

We are in the process of gathering ideas, resources, enthusiasts, teachers and volunteers to help bring the Wee Folk to fruition. Working closely with families, neighbours and the people who have an innate passion for encouraging children to grow and develop along their own paths and at their own pace.

Why do we need the Wee Folk Project?

We believe that our children and the next generations will be taking this earth and its frequency to the next level. They hold and behold a powerful loving force of internal and external creation where standing up for one another, freedom in the truest sense, self-empowerment, positivity, creativity, self-learning, initiative, cooperation, care, empathy, love, confidence, strong decision making and determination are at the forefront.

We want to see our children thrive and learn in an environment that celebrates and cherishes their unique passions, innate skills, burning fires, imaginative creations and endless playfulness.

Who is the Wee Folk Project for?

The Wee Folk is for anyone who would like to get involved in the creation of a beautiful and inspiring place for our children to thrive. For our children, from the littlest ones to our young adults.

What does the Wee Folk learning environment look like?

What is a better learning environment than living in and being immersed in the creation of a new village or living space in nature? A place where our children play, experience and learn with their friends, parents and their neighbours, incoming experts and carefully chosen loving guides. Learning how to build homes, how to generate electricity, how to heal our own bodies.. How to read and write, how to take care of our soils, how to cooperate, count, communicate, how to take care of our littlest ones and oldest ones.. How to play music and create art, how to repair what is broken, how to tend to and care for animals, how to grow food and cook, how to find and fine tune their own unique passions and skills.

Are you looking for volunteers to come and help with the creation of the Wee Folk?

Yes! Please get in touch if you would like to help us create this beautiful learning environment for our children. We’re very much thinking out of the box; imaginative, explorative, adventurous and hands-on. Examples are the build of an adventure play park, of bridges and zip lines, tree houses, children’s furniture, sink and kitchens, children’s tool shed and workshop, gallery and indoor creative area and much more! All ideas are welcome and much appreciated!

We believe that our children and the next generations will be taking this earth and its frequency to the next level.

Visiting The Free Folk Project

Can we come and visit?

We welcome visitors to come and have a chat and explore the valley or local area. Just give us a shout and we’ll arrange a call 😉

Can I still contribute or feel a part of the project if I live far away?

Yes! The Free Folk Project is for everyone! You’ll be welcomed in our online community and we’ll be documenting and showcasing the entire process of creating our physical supported neighbourhood, in the form of a docu-series. We'll share our experiences and knowledge so you'll be able to watch and learn with us and contribute to the project yourselves, no matter where you are in the world.

The Free Folk Project is for everyone!

Need to know more?

We commend your curiosity - if you have any further questions that aren't covered above, please get in touch