The Free Folk Project is you..
It is me.. It is us..

Together we are creating a blueprint for a world we can all be proud of..

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By raising funds via crowd-funding and donations, we aim to acquire a piece of land in southern Spain where we will build a supportive neighbourhood that includes:

Natural medicine centre
Technological infrastructure
Off-Grid land with independent energy/water set-up
Cultural hub for the Wee Folk to thrive
Community food gardens
Birthing pod
Communal camping area

We are also building and expanding our virtual world away from the overreach and censorship of Big Tech in the form of independent servers.. That will support our online platform so wherever you are, you can be a part of the Free Folk family..

But that's not all..

The Free Folk Docu-series

At each new part of the adventure we will be creating a slick docu-series with a twist, that will inform, empower and entertain.. Every endeavour becomes in its own right another educational platform, supporting the wider community to reimagine their earthly experience..

The Free Folk Project is a unique approach in seeing your donations actualise a better, fairer new world..

The Free Folk Project invites you to support us where you can. All donations are gratefully received and will help to lay the foundations for a world we can all truly call home..

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