What is The Free Folk Project?

The Free Folk Project is you.
It is me.
It is us.

It is our collective desire to create a fairer world where we can spend all of our precious time and energy with the ones we love..

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To grow our own natural food, in natural ways, that support nature not exploit her..

To become our own health authority.. Understanding our complex bodies and nourishing them with medicine that compliments the body’s natural immunity..

Supporting our children in self‑realised learning so they become the self‑empowered authors of their own story..

To undo the legal spell of which we have all fell victim to.. Educating ourselves so we become our own highest, lawful dominion..

Building our own homes from natural materials that celebrate individuality and respect the biological balance..

To create a village where people can be completely independent, yet are only a stone’s throw from the support of their neighbours..

To develop our online community, where free and unbridled expression is encouraged.. Where people can bridge the gap between the virtual world and physically find one another..

At first there is an idea.. Then our ever‑evolving online home.. Next comes the land.. Followed closely by the building of homes, a curative centre and a culture hub where children can thrive..

Each piece of the puzzle, in its own right, will act as an educational platform for people to practically learn in fun workshops, how to build beautiful homes, grow their own food, become energy independent and much, much more..

But wait.. That’s not all..

We are going to make a docu‑series with a twist.. A continued piece of content that documents the entire adventure, so wherever you are, you can learn and grow as we and the project do..

We are Free Folk!

The Free Folk Project - Seedlings

Why The Free Folk Project?

A wise man once said “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”..

We have been silently acquiescing, even more, supporting a world that has seemingly run out of ideas..

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An old world where rich men decide our fate, work us from cradle to grave, taxing all of our divine life‑force and pacifying us with mind‑numbing television and addictive food and drink substances.. Until we’re so divided from our true self we quietly go along with the modern day slavery that we now call “normal”..

Everywhere you look systems are breaking down..

Schools are set up to achieve “yes men” who do as they’re told, to squash any free‑expression and creativity.. Celebrating the rigid, the mechanical and delivering machine men and women to go off to work and not question a thing..

Modern medicine only knows the narrow results of expensive, toxic, symptom‑masking results, never seeing our being in its complex entirety.. The body, mind and soul intricately connected in ways which we can barely fathom.. Held hostage to the mainstream preferences of unnatural pharmaceuticals that more often than not, invite more negative side effects than the original ailment..

Our so-called justice system, which is becoming even more blatantly tiered than ever before.. A hidden tax system that operates to conjure, cunning ways to steal even more money from Joe public.. Never addressing the socio-economic reasons as to why crime exists.. Instead, financially benefiting from backhanders, their private contractors created within the ever‑revolving door that is our prison system.. The real criminals, the multinational corporations, the organised crime syndicates, arms dealers, corrupt governments, child‑trafficking rings – seemingly operate outside of any law enforcement whilst the common man is repeatedly threatened with fines and imprisonment for simply being.. It doesn’t require a genius to deduce why..

A colossal media machine, the Magician’s hand ‑ artfully building our opinions day in, day out – programming our minds to be suspicious of our fellow man, to divide us at every given opportunity.. Until all we are left with, are their introduced, carbon‑copy “heroes” and a worthless vote, masquerading as real choice..

It is safe to say, the old world is expiring before our very own eyes..

No longer wishing to invest our precious energy trying to change it.. We’ve decided to build a new one..

How? Well – we don’t quite know yet but by creating the FREE FOLK PROJECT we’re going to uncover all the answers and connect all of the beautiful hearts world‑wide..

Until, one day soon, we are one huge united, heart beating the drum for our unique species and this incredible planet we call home..

We’ve found the reason why we were born.. Have you?

The Free Folk Project - Budding Flowers

The Free Folk Philosophy

Our collective consciousness is now being afforded a new perspective..

This brand of life experience we’ve been sold is no longer enough..

Instant gratification from material gains, sensationalist media-fixes and living in a constant state of fear and suspicion..

People want change..

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We long to exist in a world rich in integrity.. Both with ourselves and one another..

We could attempt to define our philosophy, but in truth it is forever expanding as we celebrate the undoing and the creating of a new world..

Where in our hearts, division is a stranger..

In our conditioning to compete – we strive for collaboration..

We celebrate the individual in harnessing the power of the collective..

Knowing we are one and yet we are all..

We believe everyone has a part to play.. No matter how big or small, young or old..

Rome is falling, Babylon is burning.. The old ways are seeding the new.. It’s over Rover.. The stage has been set..

The Free Folk Project has arrived right on time..

The Free Folk Project - Mature Flowers