Freedom from the Food Systems

Do patterns and habits keep you stuffed? (You are not a turkey, are you?)

Are you scurrying around to make sure you have enough?

Are you using food as a drug?

Is your health suffering due to control unwittingly given to this system?

Do you know you are addicted to food?..

There are so many ways that the systems have infiltrated our lives and your belly and the food you consume is a big one!

• Are there foods that are contributing to being controlled? Let’s find out!
• Uncover the other unknown ways that food controls you.
• We will be shifting perceptions and questioning beliefs.
• Have witness in a safe space, to be unsafe.
• Full on commitment, change doesn’t come from being comfortable.
• Use a simple living process to get out of fight, flight and freeze, so those controlling patterns can fall away.

Join us in finding your own path away from the programming that is in place to make money from you, and to feed you right into the medical system! Time to come into aligned control and the energy that we live in now.

Your mind, tongue and stomach are not going to bring you to this program, since they are the pieces of you that are controlled. The feet on the other hand know where to bring you, in order to come into greater freedom... love... embodiment... follow them.

Are you ready? Danny and Judy are!
Let’s do it!

Starting 20th May 2024
Mondays 10am(EDT) / 3pm(BST) / 4pm(CEST)
Minimum Donation $72 US (Recommended $72-123)

What’s included:

12 weekly zoom calls, 60 - 90 minutes each.
Exploratory pieces to work with throughout the week.
Membership area with additional complimentary resources.
A place to chat and connect online if you choose.
Replays will be available.
Support (and humor) provided.

Join Dear Danny from The Free Folk Project and Judy the Wholistic Weaver for a life-changing look at where you are not free!

About Dear Danny
Dear Danny has been front and centre of the unofficial, alternative narrative since the external world openly came out as completely bananas.. Challenging and shining a light on state propaganda, Danny is sometimes the calm eye of the storm and other times the storm itself. Now, he is focused on building the new world, coming from his heart and free of systems of control.

About Judy
For many years Judy has been helping man and woman create space, so any and all patterns based in fear and accumulation of misaligned thinking can fall away. Time to be done managing symptoms, distractions and working from willpower, when effortless aligned control is available. Simple and profound is the way and hands off practices, that are ‘for a lifetime’. If a practice is not living, it isn’t worth playing with.