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When the Free Folk Project first landed in my heart, it conjured wild feelings of excitement.. It were as though I was a little boy again, (I still am) and my brothers, cousins and I were just about to embark on a thrill-seeking adventure.. Packing our favourite things in our rucksacks, making a load of slapdash jam sandwiches and hot-tailing it over the garden fence before our mum could stop us, and into the infinite exploration of our colourful imaginations..

The Free Folk Project reignites those feelings of innocent eagerness in us again.. We know the fearless freedom of our inner children are navigating this journey.. As adults, the knowing, planning and structuring becomes a life-line, reining in our fear because the unknown is just too terrifying.. And yet, there's a magical part of us which is timeless, which is always young.. By listening intently to that internal part of ourselves we begin to materialise the inner voice into the physical world and grow anew..

That freshness is unafraid, the exhilaration and explosion of simply being alive, carries us into each and every moment.. We arrive without preconceived ideas and all we want to do is connect and create..

Our modern societies swept us away from our spirited mischief and have us taking life far too seriously.. We've been conditioned to fear death, to misunderstand that next poetic chapter and burden it with panic, so much so we've forgotten to truly live..

This physical incarnation shouldn't be lived in fear, it is about celebrating this wild, complex paradoxical profundity in all its comical glory..

Life is for living, for loving and most of all for laughing..

Our Free Folk Project is dreamt straight out of our wholesome hearts in reimagining this life, so it becomes the cosmic carnival it's meant to be and not the mental, analytical worry it has become..

If you too are hearing the call from your inner child who wants to have fun again..

Join the dream..

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