Land Ahoy

So the land is ours (whatever that means)..

Well almost, we still have to pay off the remaining balance, but finally the previous owners have followed their dream onwards.
It’s been a great challenge and learning curve, one that has been very interesting but also hugely demanding.

As so not to dwell on the past, we look forward to the endless possibilities now before us.
I sit here writing in a remodelled ‘office’ shed, that gives me the space to begin doing what I’m supposed to do.
To guide this project into the hearts of our kin, so they may be inspired to join us, physically or otherwise.

Although we have an incredible team around us, a team that is getting stronger and more supportive by the day, at present I am the captain of this infant ship. It relies on me to charter unknown waters, to navigate the stormy seas and to instil absolute belief in the crew.

Up until now, I have been hugely restricted, both physically and energetically speaking.
The potential of this magical and wise land was deeply inhibited by old, redundant energies, a land of which I am profoundly connected to.
Which means I have been stagnated too. Shackled to old ways both within and without, in pure synergy with our Mother – as one.

And now, well now – the rusty old anchor has been lifted and our sails are blowing again.
We are setting sail to lands unknown, where fiery passion burns and laughter is heard from sea to shining sea.

It is a slow process to begin with, and then all at once we are catapulted front and centre to do what we were designed to do – to be the shining example of mankind.

To revolutionise the media, to offer platforms that will support our brethren who are still in the shadows, to reach and encourage the leaders of tomorrow – until every fucking one of us remembers who we are.

We haven’t given up..

We’re just getting started..