Life has a way of inviting us to discover what and who we truly are at exactly the right time. The cosmic clock strikes gold and we tune into our essence, stripping away the heavy sentiments that keep us from remembering how to fly.

My father-in-law, a man whom I have great respect and love for, our opposing opinions aside, is currently straddling this physical realm and the ‘somewhere else’ that awaits us all. The situation delivers a mortal call for us to explore our earthly experience.

This physical realm of which we have built our lives upon is but one piece of this profound and poetic experience. And yet, when we are faced with death, and in truth life, for they are one and the same - it is the idea of physical loss that carries the deep heart-break. The loss of the material form that we see with our eyes, hear with our hearts and hold in our arms.

The colossal grief which tears our hearts in two, isn’t for that infinite light that we are, but for the temporary vessel we’ve identified so vividly with.

There is a pure part of me residing in peace, a part which exists happy in the knowledge we are all so cosmically and infinitely connected in ways we can barely fathom. And yet, there is another part in me tortured at this limited physical life.
As we thoughtfully approach explaining to our beautiful little girls where there ‘Opa’ is, whom they adore so much - I have to meet the former head on and connect with the part of me which speaks from my eternal heart, explaining both to them and myself at the same time.

There is no such thing as death.

Yes our bodies breakdown and bleed into the wind, but the wind carries us even closer to our kin.
Our never-ending light dissolves softly into the sun so those we love, who mourn our absence, are warmed by our presence day after day.
Our life’s song sinks into the sweet sound of the birds reminding us of the life we shared together.

Our wise earth holds us tight, just as those we’ve lost did.

The elegiac sorrow unlocks our hearts deeper so we can love even more.

Death gifts the celebration of life.

We cannot lose anyone, for where can they go?

We are fluid.

In life and thereafter.