May 2024 Update

Things are moving forward at The Free Folk Project ✨ Here's our latest updates..


So far we have raised a colossal €125,000 which leaves us with just under €30,000 to go until the land is free to become what it was always supposed to be...
To those who have supported us thus far, financially or otherwise, we see you, as you see us.
We are incredibly grateful for your support as we move into the next phases ❤️

To donate visit our giving page here.


We have some exciting partnerships on the horizon with people and companies who share our vision of a world of conscious business, built with fairness and integrity...
With absolute respect for our magical Mother Earth 🌍

Studio Build

Our studio design has been delivered and oh, what a design!
We’re in the process of planning the physical build, soon to be rolling out positive, informative and comical media content 🎥

Hearing Heart

Our peer-to-peer, emotional well-being platform is almost ready...
Finer preparation is happening behind the scenes. Shortly we’ll be offering heartfelt support to those who need it 🤗

Concious Crypto

Like us, finance is undergoing major change. To thrive in this climate, we learn to adapt...
We want to offer opportunity to explore and understand, so that we may all generate abundance ✨

More To Come

• Docu-Series •
• Dear Danny Live Spaces •
• Land Expansion •
• Cob-Building Workshops •
• Natural Farming Workshops •
• Dear Danny Live Tour •