Putting the fun back in FUNdraising

It’s a funny old thing raising money. Putting yourself out there, asking for help – it doesn’t come easy to me. A boy from humble roots, I know all too well the feeling of shame at being the poor kid.

Instead of asking for help, I’ve spent my life striving to be completely self-supporting. Not wanting to explore the vulnerable part of me which could use a helping hand.

Perhaps the archaic, defence mechanism of pride has stood in my way of receiving reciprocal, heartfelt support. Pride, I guess, is another barrier stopping us from really getting to know one another.

The deeper I dive into this discovery, I find our fundraising is intrinsically intertwined with my own self-worth. For to truly recognise oneself opens up space and opportunity for true abundance.
When we can accept our own value, it will be reflected back.

As each day passes, I forgive myself a little bit more, and in return I’m gifted a little bit more love to shine inwards, until asking for help seems simpler.

Here I am – asking.

We have reached the halfway point of raising the €150,000 for our Free Folk Hub. The first part of our adventure in creating a thriving community space in the heart of this breath-taking valley. Where people can visit, connect, celebrate and truly feel this new world we are building from the ground up. And most excitingly, for me, a place for our co-working, media production studio.

To say we are touched by the support thus far is an understatement.
Unbelievably generous and freely giving people with pure hearts of gold, have got us halfway, but we’ve still got a way to go.

Not that far if you do the math. With around 3,000 email subscribers, €75,000 works out €25 per subscriber, to lay the first stones of tomorrow. In welcoming, a bright future, summoned by the love in our hearts, to be the founders of a grassroots revolution – to undo these spells of competition and arrive home together.

It seems a lot of money, but in five year's time, when we look back we’ll be afforded the hindsight to know that this project was and is, worth way more than money. But now, money is what we need to move forward.

Having taken this deep dive into my own value, I can feel a new softness shining in my eyes, expansion in my heart and a real knowing - abundance is but a day away.

Personally, I know there’s a lot more I can do to raise funds to materialise this profound project. First up, I’m going to stop taking it all so fucking seriously and have some fun. Stop getting in my own way, and just let it all flow.

Lastly, we know not everyone is in the financial situation to be able to support us in monetary form – but if you are able, and you feel like us, then you know what you can do.

One more thing, don’t you ever, ever, EVER, forget how valuable you are.
For positive change in our world, begins within.