Watcha Free Folk Familia,

It has come to our attention that many of our emails are not being received. Our man, Uncle Toni, has had a look into it, and it appears there’s been several attempts to black-list us and also some other malicious attacks. Meaning our emails are ending up in ‘SPAM’ folders or not being received at all.

Despite being always on the go, we do our best to reply to everyone - in fact Hanne, who has a passion for both people and organisation, has taken the reigns for our Free Folk correspondence, because quite frankly I’m useless at getting back to the people.

If you have reached out to us, and we haven’t replied, please check your ‘SPAM’ & ‘JUNK’ folders.

Also - feel free to try again and if the stars align we’ll connect one way or another.

Much ❤️

For further information: