What Are We Waiting For?

The skies do not lie. We are living through the midst of great upheaval, extreme challenge and the endeavour for true liberty.
Even the most oblivious of our species are beginning to twig that the world we inhabit is controlled by those with the least morals.

For decades most of us have been pacifically spectating from the side lines, sedated by the distraction of bells n whistles, hung out on the alchemy of sensation. Buzzing from one reaction to the next, subconsciously addicted to the drama of a modern world, hypnotised to consume and compete.

Then something changed, the clock struck twelve and the party began. People in their droves realised something was rotting in Denmark. We, the people no longer accepted the official narrative on face value. Our stomachs roared and our hearts bled – we marched, we talked, we cried and we shared – until we arrived right on fucking time, in cosmic, collective realisation - if we don’t like the way our world is, then it is up to us to build a new one.

So here we are.

You 'n' I. Looking out at a planet in grave transition. Our home, which once seemed so simple has now blown up into an absurd dark comedy of chaos, confusion and threat. And then there’s us – who see, who feel with every fibre of our fucking being what needs to be done, what needs to change.

Why? Why are we here? To carry the pain, the suffering, the consuming sadness of our world – with teeth gritted in utter determination, our beings committed to this divine duty, we continue to march forward scarred and exhausted. A celestial compass catching our costs so we never give in.

More than ever before we need each and every one of us to stand up, to be counted. To not look outside ourselves for the guidance that is within. To give everything over and over again without condition.

To surrender the ideology of what we can receive and instead first look to what we can give.

In times of colossal change, where we are forced out of our comfort zone, there is great opportunity for the courageous.

The question is: what are we waiting for?