What is The Free Folk Project?

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Existing in a world where material gains and money are held in higher regard than our moral compass has outed itself as superficial.. Chasing the unattainable carrot, from cradle to grave has never realised the true value of life for the majority of us.. Being conditioned to idolise external sources lacking in truthfulness has had its day..

We crave meaning, we long for honesty, we search for people of integrity - so we pack our bags and head for home.. With wings spread wide we take a leap of faith knowing nature will catch us..

One day there is a feeling, a spark lighting the dormant fires within our hearts, so strong it cannot be extinguished or ignored.. And so we begin materialising our dream:


We reach out to like-hearted souls who hear our call for unity and support.. In turn we ignite the fires in them to make change, to be change.. Each realising, this is their path, their project, as it is yours.. Before long we are a team..

Together, we stare in the face of such an ambitious plan, it evokes insignificance in us and yet beyond the doubt, we already know - it is..

See we are here from the future to burn this profound and poetic puzzle deep into our existence..

We are creating two worlds running parallel to one another, heading in the same direction, with the same purpose - to uncover and give meaning to this earthly experience..

By building our online community at the same time as we're constructing our physical community, we create a soulful synergy where our technical advances compliment and enrich our relationship with the physical and natural world..

Each chapter of our celestial celebration forming its own identity, becoming in its own right an informative piece of art.. To showcase the practical and also ignite optimism in all who join us..

Our content will continue to encourage, to support and celebrate all of our interconnected journeys..

Until one day soon, we all arrive together at a place we can truly call home..

Welcome aboard.. We're just getting started!

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