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The Wee Folk

We have been led to believe that structured education in forms of rigid curriculum is most beneficial for our young beings. However, over the last few decades, we are witnessing a revolution in learning practices.
As traditional schools continue to churn out factory minds, springing up all over our world, are alternative education platforms that wish to evolve beyond the limitation of state designed programming.

The Free Folk project recognises the utmost importance of child-led learning.

By default, children are curious. They like us, are enriched to explore, to discover, to live life as an adventure.

We trust, within the creation of a dynamic and easy-learning environment, children’s imagination and excitement will naturally ignite.
Where they can learn what they need, when they need, based on their own instinctive compass.

Uncovering their true, infinite potential and most importantly teaching us along the way.

A wise man once said “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults”.

It is our duty to support, protect and hear our children.

To help them, help us, in building a world we can all be proud of.

One, we can truly call..


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